As the climate continues to change, our beautiful planet continues to suffer. Natural disasters have become more intense and frequent and therefore something must be done to improve the situation.


Taiwan is surrounded by sea on all sides. Therefore, Ocean is an important economic and cultural asset to Taiwan. With the economic development, the current situation of marine resources is facing problems, including over-utilization of fishery resources, habitat destruction and pollution of marine ecological environment. 

To promote exchanges and cooperation among Taiwan and International marine environment organizations, Taiwan Philanthropic Study held “2019 UNINGO in TAIWAN-International forum on ocean sustainability” co-organized with National Museum of Marine Science & Technology. The theme of the conference is Ocean sustainability and the conference aims to focus on contemporary sustainable issues on Ocean, which vigorously draw international attention. Ocean sustainability series will not only cover global Ocean sustainability but also domestic practices so that worldwide NGOs may exchange local experiences with interested unites.




Opening Ceremony



"Development of Marine Culture in Keelung"


Mr. Chung-Chieh Chao, President | Taiwan Philanthropic Study Institution



Mr. Shih-Ying Tsai, Legislator

Mr. Yu-Hung He, Community Manager|StoryStudio

Mr. Ray Dai, Presenter|HuiKeelung

Mr. Shu-Hao Lin, Founder|Zhengbin Art


Tea Break



Keynote Speech

"Save the Oceans: Feed the World"

​Speaker  Ms. Gloria Ramos, Vice President, Oceana Philippines 


Lunch Break

Panel Discussion I.

"Promotion of Marine Environmental Education"




Ms. Li-Shu Chen, Director | Industry and Academy Cooperation Division, NMMST 


Ms. Ravadee Prasertcharoensuk, Executive Director | Sustainable Development Foundation 

Mr. Fadly Bakhtiar, Program Director | Malaysian Environmental NGOs, EcoKnights


Mr. Chao-Wei Gao, Secretary-general  | Taiwan Association for Marine Environmental Education (TAMEE) 


Tea Break

Panel Discussion II.



"Non-plastic Ocean: Community Cooperative Development"


Mr. Tung-Wei Shih, Director | Research and Collection Division, NMMST​


Mr. Piet van Zyl, Steering Committee Member | R. O. L. E. Foundation, Indonesia

Mr. Terence Tang, Education Manager | The Conservancy Association, HongKong

Panellist  Mr. Renping Chen, Chief Executive | HiiN Studio​



Government Public Information National Museum of Marine Science & Technology


Located in Keelung, National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (NMMST) is more than just a museum.The mission of NMMST is Ocean sustainable development. It epitomizes balance, combining modern design and scenic landscapes and features detailed exhibitions pertaining to marine science, technology, ecology, and culture.

20 September 2019: Hung-Teh Tsai, Deputy Minister of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), presented Taiwan’s latest achievements and plans in SDG implementation during a workshop held in New York. 

SDG Progress in Taiwan Featured During Global Goals Week Workshop

More than 6,020 tonnes of garbage were collected from the nation’s beaches and coastal waters in the third quarter, with the majority coming from Kaohsiung, data released yesterday by the Ocean Conservation Administration showed.

Beach cleanups net over 6,000 tonnes of garbage

As part of an initiative to raise public awareness of plastic waste in the ocean, Taiwan and European officials took part in a beach cleanup event on Saturday (Oct. 5) in New Taipei City, collecting hundreds of kilograms of waste.

EU, Taiwan officials clean Taiwan beach to raise awareness


2019.12.19  Thr. in NMMST

Government Public Information National Museum of Marine Science & Technology

Current  Issues

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