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International Conference on Environmental Sustainability

About the Conference


The mother nature has nurtured a variety of precious resources that have been boosting the industrial development regarding the high valued ecomonoics and innovative scientific technology, so that we are able to explore the correlation in depth among human beings, environment, and industries. As a diversified , complete environmental conservation mechanism and the green policy-making are considered as the key componets of us being environmental friendly and therefore, this conference is aimed to deliberate in terms of our further action in sustanibility via inviting the experts representing the organizations from national to global level over to Taichung, Taiwan to share their experiences and professional aspects.


In order to enhance the global collabrations among industries across the world, achieving the consensus by professionals as well as entrepreneurs is expected via this International Conference on Environmental Sustainability.

In 2016, the International Non-Governmental Center (INGO) was planned to be established and located in Taichung City, where will be held its first 2018 International Conferences on Environmental Sustainability and organized by Taiwan Philanthropic Study Institution (TPIS) cooperated with Taichung City Government Social Affairs Bureau and Daya District Office.

All NGOs groups are most welcome to join this platform through signing the Memoradum with TPIS in terms of further professional activities and the cooperations.

Current Issues

To coincide with the theme of 2018 World Flora Exposition Taichung "The Sound of Blooming", this conference will stay closely with key topics : Rediscover Green, Nature and life of human beings and aim to discover the balance among life, eco-system and industrial production.

Green Industry and Sustainability

Many non-governmental organizations in the Asia-Pacific region were invited to share their experiences in environmental issues and practical experiences in various countries, such as Myanmar, Vietnam and Hong Kong, and promote the promotion of multi-dimensional environmental issues in Taiwan and the thinking of the international community so as to jointly implement the ideal social environment.

Closing the Gap: Experiences sharing from Asia aspect in environmental issues

This conference differs from the traditional convention and will be held in Daya, where is known for Golden Wheat Season. In addition to providing participants with beauty of Daya, it helps get to undertsand the current situation of Taiwan's industry and to inspire more chemistry between the international community and local industries.

Cooperation with the local industries and cultural exchange
About the conference


March 17 (Saturday )



Sign in ( Required )



Opening Ceremony


Keynote Speech I
Livable City–Bangkok Metropolitan Clean Air Initiatives


Speaker:Ms. Ampai Harakunarak

                 President, Thailand Environment Institute 



Keynote Speech II
The Challenges of Air Pollution in Malaysia: A Malaysian NGO's Perspective

Speaker: Ms. Yasmin Rasyid 

                Vice Chairperson, Malaysian Environmental NGOs





Panel Discussion I
Green, Nature and Practice in Asia


Dr. Lu Jian-De, Director of Social Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government

Ms. Quyen Vu , Executive Director, Education for Nature Vietnam

Ms. Kami Hui , Conservation Manager , The Conservancy Association, Hong Kong


Mr. Sam Lai, Secretary General, Glocal Action, Taiwan




Tea Break



Panel Discussion II
Eco Innovative Industries


Dr. Chao Chung-Chieh, President, Taiwan Philanthropic Study Institution


Mr. Thein Soe Min, Co-Founder, Green Way,  Myanmar
Mr. Terence Tang, Education Manager, The Conservancy Association, Hong Kong 



Ms. Feng Hsiao-Fei , Co-Founder , News & Market



Local Tour






Main Venue: Outdoor Stage

No.10, Ln. 211, Dalin Rd., Daya Dist., Taichung City 42847, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Daya is well know for festival of wheat in Taiwan where you will be able to see the scene of golden wheat regarding the harvest in March every year.

Second Venue: Hengshan Children's Folklore Museum

No. 44, Yonghe Rd., Daya Dist., Taichung City 428, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Hengshan Village created children's play cultural settlements by using the empty barns.
There are exhibited many kinds of toys in Taiwan and around the world. International Children's Folklore Festival garrison international volunteers combined with installation in the summer of 2017.

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Keynote speakers

Ms. Ampai Harakunarak


Thailand Environment Institute 

Ms. Yasmin Rasyid

Vice Chairman

Malaysian Environmental NGOs


Thein Soe Min

Co-founder & Director of Innovation, Green Way

Ms. Kami Hui

Conservation Manager

The Conservancy Association,

Hong Kong

Ms. Quyen Vu

Executive Director

Education for Nature Vietnam

Mr. Terence Tang

Education Manager

The Conservancy Association,

Hong Kong

Moderators and Commenters

Dr. Chao Chung Chieh


Taiwan Philanthropic Study Institution

Dr. Lu Jian De

Director of Social Affairs Bureau

Taichung City Government

Mr. Sam Lai

Secretary General

Glocal Action, Taiwan


Due to the limited capacity in conference venue,

the conference is only available for invitees and

local NGOs.






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